Monday, 1 March 2010

London Town

Hello again! I'm back in the north and just about recovered from a week in London with Jez. It ended up being far busier than planned but all the better for it! Highlights included taking Jez to the John Soane house (he'd never been and I knew he'd love it) and enjoying the incredible collection of ancient bric-a-brac on show there (above).

London also played host to my 23rd birthday for which Jez treated me to a trip to the apollo theatre to see Jerusalem. There are not enough superlatives to express how much we loved this play. If you get a chance to see it please do! Its incredible. And the set is ace too.

The last 'best bit' is a bit of a surreal one! On friday night I met my absolute favourite author Jonathan Safran Foer. God knows how I managed to actually go up and speak to him but I did and it was good. I dont think i was too incoherant and useless. Anyway he is a very nice man and has just released a really interesting book called 'Eating Animals' about uh...eating animals. Investigate.

OK so thats us pretty much up to date. Expect everything back on track here soon.


Saga said...

i had no idea we were the same age, now i'm even more impressed by you :) sounds like you had a lovely week. oh, and happy birthday!

Erika Stevenson said...

Dr who, everything is illuminated... mixing with the stars eh! very much enjoying your about today chat pal x

lulu said...

Nice, oh & Many Happy Returns of the Day!

Lindsay Grime said...

wow, sounds like a splendid trip! and leeds stuff is looking great as well. Is that soane house the one that that crazy man carved all himself? all wood sculptures inside? would love to see it, remember hearing about it ages ago. see you on freitag hopefully x

Clare said...

I love the john soane's house. So magical! Looks like you had an amazing trip.