Tuesday, 30 March 2010

towns & tigers

We're signing the lease on our new flat on thursday and i would really appreciate if someone would please give me a copy of this super nice world map by the incredible Oliver Jeffers for You Me The Royal We for our empty new walls.

Lotta Nieminen make truly wonderful illustrations. Her choice of colours, textures and subject matter are all spot on. I could look at the image above for hours and i think i'd keep finding winning details hidden in there.

THIS is just the cutest print. Reminds me of one of my favourite children's books, the Tiger Who Came To Tea.

Am currently really enjoying Too Much Perspective. A comedy blog run by one of my friends and some of his friends. Lots of the reference are very british so might fall flat to you non uk types but...yeah..its great.


lulu said...

Oh my, Illustration Station... I'm swooning over that map as well!

Happy Nesting!

茂一 said...
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Nina Lindgren said...

the map is so amazing! and the other illustrations as well. oh..