Monday, 15 March 2010

New Drawings

So i'm back from last weeks trip to Leeds. Exhibition is up and open until March 26th so if you're in the area please pop into the Art College and have a look. If you're not in leeds then pretty much all the images from the show can be found on flickr. Easy. There might be some prints on sale soon but in the meantime email me if you're interested in purchasing any work.

Big big thanks go to the incredibly lovely Helen of Memo (and her boyfriend Sam) for allowing me into their home for dinner, to Mr Anthony Zinonos for his stellar company and to those charming chaps from Nous Vous for their ongoing amazingness in pretty much every field.


Tumbleweed Woman said...

Your new drawings are so wonderful! I love your approach to portraits, so refreshing. My name is Lizzie, too!

Lucy said...

These look great Lizzy, all the hard work was worth it!