Monday, 5 April 2010

"The Eternal Rocks Beneath"

Hello! I hope everyone had a lovely long easter weekend. Been quite for a few days. Its been a busy week. We're gradually moving stuff from our old flat to our new one and sorting through the tat we've amassed so quickly. Expect erratic blogging for the next week or so.

Above is an image for a personal portfolio project on Wuthering Heights. It has long been one of my absolute favourite books and my very dog eared copy stands testament to that. Anyway this is my imagining of Catherine Earnshaw; all wild hair and hypnotic gaze.

I've also started up a tumblr as a way of archiving stuff I like. I'll still keep this as my main work/rambling blog but if you fancy popping by and seeing whats keeping me inspired then you can do so here.


allison said...

i love this! do you sell your work as prints?

paolo del toro said...

What wonderful work your making! I'm moving back to Edinburgh after the summer, so i'll keep my eyes peeled for your things.