Monday, 19 April 2010

New & Old

So in amongst packing boxes, lifting boxes and unpacking boxes I have actually been drawing things. Sadly I cant really prove it as somewhere in between our old flat and our new flat we've managed to lose the power cables for our printer/scanner. AMAZING. So the little pile of new drawings I have to show you shall remain a mystery. Damn. I have managed to find a picture I did pre-move for a zine about favourite musicians. I chose St Vincent because she's flipping amazing and has a lovely face for drawing. Just a B&W dealie I'm afraid but right now its all I've got!

I've just added two different one off digital prints to my etsy shop. They're crazy nice quality and quite big (a3 anyway). They were printed for an exhibition a while back and they got sent back to me today.


Kim Baise said...

Beautiful works!!!

chamelia said...

Don't you just love moving? In my last move, a good three months ago, I lost half of my portfolio prints to water damage, my external hardrive (was dropped), and a bunch of stickers just disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Weird, I moved earlier this month and had the exact same nuisance, lost my printer-scanner power supply. Still stuck without a replacement and rather fed up.

Anyway, top work!

Nina Lindgren said...