Thursday, 8 April 2010


All spare cash is currently being pumped into things for our new flat but if I was feeling flash I'd love this necklace from Dot Over Dot. Firstly I adore the combination of the brass with the blue but then there's the added bonus of being able to shift the brass bars into different configurations. Nice!

I got invited to Svpply a few weeks back. Its great. But sort of depressing. Anyway if you're interested in seeing what I would buy if I had lots of money (and wall/wardrobe space) then my Svpply page is here

Lets move to Norway and live somewhere lovely!
I've been spending too much time browsing My Scandinavian Retreat.
Jez finished designing a new print today and damn I love the colourscheme.


hellojenuine said...

argh, your svpply list! i love your taste, so many lovely things. i can't even pretend i could afford any of them, i should probably avoid ever having an account, my etsy favourites is dangerous enough as it is.

Lizzy Stewart said...

i know. wishlists...oh dear. but its sort of fun to see everything in one place (if a little frustrating).

Lucy said...

Svpply sounds like a very expensive idea!!!

-- -- -- -- -- said...

seriously. did i need that? do you want me gone away? or are you safe in the knowledge i will be always poor and therefore not moving to affluent, expensive and wholly better designed countries... OR are you telling me that's what our studio is gonna look like? yes? oh thanks Lizzy - you're swell!