Monday, 2 August 2010


These two are my pieces for Analogue Books' summer exhibition 'Turn up the colour'. As you can see the colour only got 'turned up' ever so slightly...not quite ready to stray too far from my beloved pencil grey just yet! You can see the images in better detail on my flickr and you can see some photos of the show (which is super amazing by the way) on Jez's flickr. The show runs throughout August and my work is available through Analogue in giclee print form.

In other news the Edinburgh Festival is but days away and I'm super excited. I'm so relieved we've moved out of the city centre so we'll avoid the madness we endured last year (russian ballet troupe getting changed on our doorstep was a particularly strange moment) and instead we'll wander into the city to catch some of our favourite comedians and then retreat home for some peace. Next we'll we have a couple of very talented friends staying so expect a festival related update or two in the near future!


andrea said...

both are really nice but I absolutely love the top one :)

Frankie said...

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