Wednesday, 1 September 2010


Ahoy all! There are (inexplicably and miraculously) a fair few of you blog follower folks now and I thought I'd do something to say thanks to all of you wonderful people for taking an interest in my work/rambling/general blog nonsense. SO if you're a blog reader and you purchase something from my etsy shop in the next fortnight I will send an original drawing out to you with your order! Nothing massive I'm afraid but a something I've drawn just for you! Just add include a message with your order that says 'Blog Reader Treat' and i'll add something in with your order. If you have any specific requests include them too and I'll see what I can do! Offer finishes at midnight on September 15th!


Kerri-Ann said...
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Kerri-Ann said...

Oh great! I think I'll get 'Spring Bear' I've been wanting it for a while now. What a lovely idea to include a little original! Exciting :)

Outi said...

The wolfhead is wonderful! I must order mine soon... :)