Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Illustrated Treats

Urgh. BAD blogger. I am not so good at keeping up with things at the moment. I'm currently working my way through a big, exciting job (which I wont be able to show you for a while. Boo) as well as coming up with new things for the shop in time for christmas (what?) which you will definitely be seeing relatively soon. So whilst there's no work of my own to show you right now here's a round up of tasty illustrated treats for you to enjoy! PS there are still some drawings for sale here.

Dreamy print triptych by Elina Minn for Little Paper Planes.

I badly want this great totebag from James Brown. A girl can never have enough totes.

Bee-ootiful vintage flower print from britthermann

Cute Notebooks from hellojenuine

1 comment:

Nina Lindgren said...

good luck in your work and thank for those beautiful pieces of artwork!