Friday, 8 April 2011

And the winner is...

Winners! from Lizzy Stewart on Vimeo.

Thanks to all who entered. For those that don't have the patience another video the winners are Umbrella Head (1st) and Caitlin Shearer (2nd). If you two could email me at lizzy(at) with your address I'll send you your winnings!

For thems that wants it Toska is on sale here

In the last week I added new prints, cards and badges to my shop.

(check out all the truly horrible faces I pull with my eyes shut! a girl definitely doesnt need to see that!)


presley said...

ohhh lizzy that is a lovely collander. and i love the thingers on your wall! more video blogs! x

Janis said...

adorable... :^)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lizzie... I didn't win, but it was fun to enter. And I like the videos!