Saturday, 15 March 2008


I am meant to be writing an essay but I've gotten a bit distracted. So I'm doing a huge post instead.
Above is a drawing from last term from an article about ukuleles. The ukulele was invented by portugese sailors who wanted to take their guitars to sea but couldn't find the space so this a drawing of uh...that.

Amazing Found photos here. (I love that bear so much)

I would love to own this book by Beatrice Alemagna
. Alas it seems that it's only been published in france and the only copies I can find are super expensive. I guess looking at the lovely cover will have to do.

this is a bit funny.
some nice stuff here.

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gemma correll said...

hello lizzie,
you should be able to get a copy of "my friend" by beatrice alamagna from amazon (the english version, so it's cheaper). it's really lovely...
gemma x