Saturday, 8 March 2008

The Village Fete

The Village Fete has finally been and gone and a lovely day was had by all. Everyone's stalls were amazing, so much hard work had gone into all the stuff on sale. I am hugely grateful to all who came and sold and bought and listened to music (which was wonderful too). Hopefully I'll do another fairly soon and I shall endeavor to make it even better.
In the meantime you should check out the work of Alice Melvin whose stall was easily one of the most intriguiging, with plenty to look and unfold. Her prints are especially beautiful and her bookmaking skills are hugely impressive. I just wish I could afford to have bought more.

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Anonymous said...

I heard such fantastic things about The Village Fete, and was so disappointed to have had to miss it. It would be lovely to see another during the summer months or beyond, though I appreciate that it must have been a lot of hard work for you to pull such an event together!

Asides from that, I must confess to really loving your illustration work, particularly that which you did for Analogue Books that I happened upon when I popped in last. Beautiful!