Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas Joy!

After a not so enjoyable nine hour train journey I'm back home in the South West for Christmas
. Its really wet and cold (colder than Scotland!) but its nice to be home and I'm very much looking forward to some festive-ness. I'm smug in the knowledge that I've done all my Christmas shopping (thankyou internet) but just in case you haven't here are some nice UK based treats...

Roddy & Ginger make beautiful vintage inspired bags and homewares. I want pretty much everything in their lovely wee store. (via Bloesem) Gemma Correll makes awesome stuff. Seriously everything she does is dangerously cute and really fun. I LOVE these tattoo transfers (so pretty). And her matroishka badges are lovely too.

New badges
from Sir Kolakovic. King of slightly bizarre but always amazing illustrator merchandise (chocolate anyone?)


calico melton said...

i love love stuart kolakovic
i got one of his little vending machine delights from the Here galler- i cant bear to eat the chocolat tho! i am super excited to wear his tattoos! x

gemma correll said...

aw thanks for posting the tattoos :)