Friday, 19 December 2008

White Winter Hymnal

This is some artwork I did for Edinburgh based band The Kays Lavelle a while back. I'm yet to do the back cover as the tracklist is still up in the air but I thought I'd share it as this picture pretty much sums up the weather outside my window today. So nothingy and cold.

Charlotte X. C. Sullivan has done some lovely bubble drawings. I remember doing this when I was really young. You mix ink with washing up liquid or bubble solution or whatever and blow bubbles onto your page and eventually they just pop and dry to your paper. I love all the ghostly greys in hers.


hellojenuine said...

super super lovely. doing album covers is fun. waiting to hear about the inside design & back & inner tray & whether they're even going to use the cover & if the text is alright is not! but hopefully you won't have all that faff.

Lizzy Stewart said...

nope i've had all that faff already. many times. the woodpigeon stuff went through like twenty drafts or something insane like that. It was always my dream to do cd artwork (i wanted to be stanley donwood...i still do) but actually doing it is slightly less exciting than i initially though. sigh. nice to see them done though.