Thursday, 4 December 2008


LinkI've been reading Said the Gramaphone for a couple of years now so it was a wonderful surprise when I visited this evening to see my name there. Sean had some very nice things to say about 'I Am The Friction'

"But more beautiful still - and I'm very belated in writing about it, - is [Jez Burrows] and Lizzy Stewart's I Am The Friction. They are stories inspired by drawings & drawings inspired by stories, and while the works are funny and weird and melancholy, more than anything it feels like a love-letter from friend to friend, a shared smile, the kind of collaboration that comes from many hours by the same lamps. It's a handsome thing to hold in your hand, to read and enjoy, but it also makes you long to slip into the moments of its making; eyeglints, gifts, ink on fingers."

This kind of sums the book up to me and for someone else to see it too makes me feel pretty happy.

By the way there are like four copies left or something crazy like that. They'd make a nice christmas present. Maybe. I don't know.


donna said...

that's actually pretty muuch what i thought when i read the book. if i was more eloquent, i would have said the same thing.

updated website looks goood, by the way!
i particularly like the wounded knee series, and amongst those, i particularly like the horse and the sun.

ps.. i asked you a while ago about a print of your hungry ghosts drawing.. i'd still like one if it's okay?

Anonymous said...

heeeeeee that's so nice, and very much describes my feelings and impressions about the book too. yey! very cool.

Lizzy Stewart said...

oh my gosh donna i completely forgot about your print and zine! thats awful. I will sort it out for you this week.
Apologies. And thanks for saying so many nice things! x