Sunday, 15 February 2009

Monday Night Nothing

On Saturday I headed down to the RSA New Contemporaries show while Jez ploughed on with his motherload of work (this is going to look particularly special when he's all done). Its a great show, if you're in Scotland then I thoroughly recommend it. One of the things that most stood out to me was Bridget Steed's 'A Collection of Whale's Teeth' (and her map drawings too) which saw her put fine, naive style line drawings onto found whale's teeth as shown above.
Alongside Steed's work there was plenty of other great stuff (including a wall of about forty wonderfully coloured canvases by someone's whose name I've forgotten)

Thanks to Lindsay for the heads up on the incredibly beautiful work of Valerio Vivaldi. I've had one of his images in my archive for ages so its nice to put a name to the illustration.

We've got a bit of a bizarre project on the go with the third year graphic designers. We have to design our self promotion in collaboration with one of the designers so today I gathered up all my tat and took a photo for my postcard (which has to be a two colour litho print) and this is it.


Sophie Elm said...

Bizarre is the word I found applicable to most graphics collaborations. This however, is loverly...I like.

Anonymous said...

this is soooo nice, i love the drawing on top of the photo (?) hehe so lovely

radzimire said...

I didn't know valerio vidali, his work is beautiful , thank you

Liam. said...

the photo for your postcard looks RAD!