Thursday, 19 February 2009

Stops and Starts

Urgh. Our internet connection has been playing up this week. Initially it would work for about three minutes and then not work for ten and now it's just about working but painfully slowly. It's practically steam powered! So blogging has been put on hold because the sheer frustration of trying to upload an image on our crappy connection is too much.

Thankfully right now it seems to be working OK so I'm squeezing in a quick blog fix while I can....

First up Sophie Elm! Sophie graduated from ECA last summer with a fairly spectacular collection of painted ceramics and textiley things alongside her lovely illustrations. She's just finished some lovely egg cups and hearts that are for sale if you contact her through her blog.

I've always liked Cornelia O Donovan's work. It's always so lively and fun. And her colour choices are pretty special too. I especially love these new stuffed animals as seen on her flickr

Harry Potter Redesigned

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yasu said...

ah yes cornelia odonovan is amazing. i love her work too. she's absolutely one of my favorites!