Thursday, 5 February 2009

Travels in Eighteenth Century Russia, among other things

I've been drawing aimlessly this week and thoroughly enjoying it. I was a bit tired of all the project led work and I just wanted to get back to drawing for myself a bit. Above is a drawing of 'an ostiak of the obe' based on an etching in a book about Russia in the 18th century. You can more (a fair bit more) on flickr.

Yu, who's blog AAA is one of my regular visits, was in Edinburgh yesterday to check out ECA and she gave me a box of very tasty tea! Wonderful!

Nicholas Saunders has got some skills! His illustration and prints are full of nice retro charm and interesting texture. AND he recently worked as a graphic designer on the set of the new Harry Potter film. That is far too cool for my geeky, childish self to handle.

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yasu said...

it was nice to meet you yesterday! glad you like the tea:) nice sketches again