Sunday, 17 May 2009

Story Motel

Thursday night was the opening of Story Motel at Owl & Lion here in Edinburgh. 50+ artists from pretty much everywhere made an edition of 25 zines which are for sale at the lovely wee gallery. Mine is in there, as is Jez's and host of other really awesome folk (michael kirkham, jaako pallasvuo, Scott Balmer and edward mcgowan to name but four). Anyway if you're not able to get to the gallery all the zines are for sale online here . So check them out. Please and thankyou.

(photos by Jez


yasu said...

hey that's great you are done with the show!would have loved to see it..
i didnt know scott balmer's work. i quite like it. thanks for the link

vintageveggie said...

had a look at your etsy. i think your drawings and prints are just wonderful.

Hello Sandwich said...

This little place looks so cute! and what a great collection of super cute zines! :)
Love Love
Hello Sandwich