Thursday, 21 May 2009

Tea Break

Urgh. I had fully intended to be ridiculously relaxed during the gap between hand-in and the degree show opening but I have loads to do. Thus the blogging halt. Anyway I'm having a little break (and watching Gilmore Girls) so I thought I'd post some of the nice things I've been saving up for a while.

Sophie Blackall's missed connections project is a lovely idea executed perfectly. Her illustrations are really sweet, really really sweet.

A Picture With A Smile (And Perhaps A Tear)
is a project by Anna Emilia Laitinen and Samuele Bastianello and its really beautiful. Every day they post an illustration inspired by a song; above is Dirty Three's Authentic Celestial Music.

Check out 100 abandoned houses. A project by Photographer Kevin Bauman. There are some real treats in there.

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Ricardo Cezar said...

sweet lord, thats beautiful! It reminds me of Tim Burton's style. Great blog by the way. From what I have seen, you have a wonderful taste for arts.
Good on you, mate!