Friday, 25 June 2010


As seems to be a regular occurance at the moment I'm clearing out old drawings once again. I might make this a monthly thing. I have so many sketches and doodles in need of a good home! As per usual if you're interested in making a purchase email me at lizzy (at) stating which drawing you're interested in. I'm afraid I can only accept paypal right now. Images are prices below and postage costs will be added on depending on where you live!
'Claude'- Pencil & Watercolour £20

'Woodsman'- SOLD
Brown paper portraits 1-4 (for details etc see each individually on my flickr) £25 each

'Sail away from that safe harbour'- SOLD

Sketchbook House- pencil & watercolour £10

'Le Deluge'- Pencil & Watercolour £28

Nikolai Sutyagins House (triangles)- screenprint & watercolour £25

Also there a few leftovers from a previous drawings sale. Namely this one and this guy.


Michelle Elaine said...

i think the last one is my fave here.


katilady said...

these are lovely!

claire platt said...

what size is sketchbook house?

Lizzy Stewart said...

the sketchbook house is a5. 148mm x 210 mm

Jake Louis McDonald said...

wow nice work really like your subtle use of colours =]

Pergolina said...

love the man with the tattoos... a drawing within a drawing. so nice.
b from pergolina

Okay Sure said...

I love every minute of your work!! It's awesome!!