Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Sketchbooks & Skylines

A recent pair of doodles from my sketchbook. Going to try and share this kind of thing with you fine folks more often.

Alas I can't afford a full size print by Sanna Annukka. Sigh. But my budget does stretch to a card from Sanna's lovely range for 1973. Which doesn't look too bad at all framed! I may even go back to the red door gallery and pick up the other cards in the series!

The train back from Aberdeen last week took me along the coast of Fife on a beautifully sunny afternoon. This was the view near Aberdour looking across the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh (you can see arthurs seat in the distance). Scotland is pretty lovely sometimes!

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Keep an eye on 'My Love for You..' as Meighan is running a wonderful fundraiser for the BP Oil Spill Cleanup and I have a piece going up for sale as part of it.


hellojenuine said...

i do like the sanna annukka range for 1973. got one of the notebooks with her design on the cover from the red door gallery a few weeks ago.

M.M.E. said...

What a beautiful blue sky for Scotland. I remember climbing Arthur's Seat. It was quite the hike. I really enjoy looking at your sketchbooks. Please keep sharing!

Deb said...

your sketchbook pages are beauitful. lovely pencil marks. dx.

Stephanie Webb said...

Wo, that blokes eyes are intense! I like it.
Also love those Sanna Annuka prints, I'm a big fan of cards as affordable art!

Kim Baise said...

i love your sketches, yes, do share more!
Sanna's card looks sweet. i also adore her wooden birds.

Clare said...

I love getting sneak peeks into people's sketch books. Your work is so amazing and inspiring.
Your talk of Scotland has also inspired me to take a trip when I get back to the UK. Where do you recommend?

Fernando Forero said...

the portraits of your sketchbook are really marvelous