Thursday, 21 October 2010

Drawing Sale

I have drawings piling up around me right now. So there may be a few of these coming up over the next month. 

If you are interested in purchasing work please email me at lizzy (at) and let me know which piece you'd like, your postal address and a paypal address that I can send an invoice to. At this time I really can only accept Paypal payment from anyone outside the UK (uk-ers a cheque is fiiine). Prices and sizes vary from piece to piece, some are originals of prints and some have been hidden away unseen. Postage is not included in the price of work and will be added on when you order depending on where on earth you might be.

Bathers- Pencil & Watercolour £28 (to be trimmed & tided up around the edges)
 Eastern European Woman- Pencil- £14

Trees- Pencil & watercolour SOLD

House Hat- Pencil SOLD

Cloche- Pencil £15 (see the coloured version here)

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lilasvb said...

firt time one your blog, nice to visit