Monday, 13 June 2011

LOOP- this weekend

So this week Jez and I head down to Leeds to take part in Loop Arts Fair at Marshalls Mill. Whilst there we'll be launching a new Sing Statistics Book as well as exhibiting some of our own work (lots new) in our space (which will function as a studio while we're there. We're also both doing talks which you can reserve spaces if you buy advance tickets. I'm talking on Friday at 3pm! I heartily recommend getting a full weekend ticket as there's a tonne of amazing stuff going on and it'll be good to be able to pop in and out at your leisure! I've not done a talk for a while and I was wondering- if you're planning on coming along what do you want to hear about? And if you're not coming- what kind of thing would you like to hear at a talk by an illustrator? I want to make sure I don't just ramble my way through it!

p.s if you are in Leeds and free on Friday afternoon please consider stopping by for my talk! I'm having horrible visions of talking to an empty room!

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galeria dama aflita said...

that sounds so great, unfortunately low coast flies to Leeds it´s something that we don´t have here :-)