Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Paintings That I Did Not Paint

 I thought I'd share some more of my most recent zine, as I feel its one that needs a bit of explaining. I'm really interested in why we draw and how people learn to draw so I thought I'd go back and try and re-create how I developed my drawing skills as a child. In the UK at least, Schools teach you to draw by telling you to copy other artworks and so that's what I did for this zine. Copying teaches you to look, it tells you how good images are composed, how to use colour and how to tell stories with images. Its a tried and tested method and it seems to work. But once you've made you're copy what are you left with? This was what I was really interested in. Is the image mine or theirs? The components were dreamt up by someone else but the image as whole is from my hand, filtered through my eye so can I claim that I am the author? When I draw Millais' Ophelia (bottom image) the result is something different from the original and that, to me is interesting. Anyway I don't want to ramble. There's some more writing in the zine if you're interested. Here are some pictures! 


Tiffany said...

This is such an interesting concept Lizzy. I for one have never tried illustrating an existing artwork - and I think it would be fascinating to see what came out.

Once I had as assignment where we were to marry two different artists works by creating our own...at the time I was studying photography, so it was directed towards that.

The title is perfect...and I just love that you made a zine out of your study. ♥

Helena Perez Garcia said...

Love your personal versions! Millais' Ophelia has been always one of my favourite pictures and I love how you've illustrated it.

Gemma Mortlock said...

I have often wondered this many times when i was at school as it seemed the image i had produced was never truly mine so i couldnt claim it as my own.
Its a great concept and your artwork is beautiful as always!
I must ask a question though?? how do you print the little zines you create do you make them by hand r do you print them through a company? only i want to print one f my own and dont have the foggiest about how to go about it.

Hannah said...

Do you have plans to print any more? I seem to have left it a day too late and am slightly (very) gutted.

Lizzy Stewart said...

oops! there are more! i'll relist them now.

cara said...

this is such a great concept. i was never taught to draw this way growing up, maybe it's not an australian thing. it looks fantastic!

Ann said...

I love this zine! I just saw Ophelia at the Tate, and I love what you're exploring with this idea of what we learn in art school. I'd love to trade zines with you, if you're interested :)

Erri Nugraha said...

hoorayyy... bravo! saya suka zine kamu, hebat :)

Jesm said...

this is interesting and good.
i tend to like to/feel obliged to write the original painting details alongside the drawing.
(saw a picture of yours, linked to here, on tumblr)