Monday, 20 June 2011

New Things

 Thought I better share some of the new work I did for Loop. Hopefully I'll have photos of the event to show you guys soon. Above is a new screenprint (A2) of a fantasy houseboat. If anyone can build me this in real life I'd be pretty excited! The print is on etsy now.

This is one of the images from Toska only with a bit o' colour worked in. Available as an A4 giclee print. 

 I did a zine of drawings based on paintings I love. This was a bit of an experiment and an investigation into drawing and copying and learning.

 I also made some tentative steps towards doing more work in 3D. Don't get me wrong- I love paper based things but it was nice to work on some solid objects. Above, a family of Norwegian knitwear fans and below a little wooden town. For prices email me directly.


c o t e said...

I found your blog yesterday and I fell in love with your illustrations, I had seen some of them before but didn't know who the illustrator was, and I can stop looking at the, you can't imagine how much I love them, you are very very talented

Little Dark Eyes said...

cool! like the houses very much.

claire platt said...

love the print from toska! beautiful

cara said...

oh my, i love your 3D projects, they're so sweet! especially the little norwegian family. too cute!