Sunday, 10 July 2011

Advice To Sink In Slowly

You can now get my 'Find some place..' poster as an A2 litho print from Advice to Sink in Slowly. The poster will hopefully raise some money to go towards distributing advice posters to university students across the uk. 

You can also get a t-shirt version of the poster from Howies who are kindly sponsoring the Advice To Sink in Slowly project- Womens / Mens


Ingrid said...

Wow I love these, dead tempted by the T-shirt :)

claire platt said...

love that print! the tee looks awesome!

Ieva said...

wow, really love the design. hopefully someday i will be able to make something as good as that (gonna study graphic and media design from next fall).
all the best from lithuania,

Samantha Eynon said...

gorgeous t-shirt! Hope is sells well!

catho said...

cool i love this T!