Thursday, 7 July 2011

Reverence Library

Hooray! FINALLY we've launched the third Sing Statistics publication. Its been a long time coming (as contributors will attest), held up by printing setbacks, format overhauls and monetary freak-outs, but at last I can say that Reverence Library is ON SALE NOW! The book features nine writers and nine illustrators dealing with three non-fiction subjects (in this volume- Nikola Tesla, Galleons & the Trans-Siberian Railway) in any way they see fit- mostly by making stuff up about them. You might learn somethings, but likely not. Mostly you'll read some great writing and enjoy some fun illustrations (including some of um..mine- to make up the numbers- i'll share those images soon).
   The book is £10 and ships all over. Limited to 1000 copies so pick one up fast!

(I'm very pleased to say that the book features three of my favourite british illustrators- William Goldsmith, Luke Pearson and Richard Sanderson.)

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