Sunday, 11 January 2009

Everyday is like Sunday

This cardi from is lovely. Its not online yet but when it is I may have to invest (ha. knitwear is the last thing I need). Also I definitely owned a pair of jeans just like that when I was about six.

I really love these images from Nikolay Saveliev's thesis project which "parallels between conceptual branding and the fine arts market" by creating a series of works by a fictional artist. I'd love to be able to see all these up close.
All of Saveliev's work is really impressive and well worth a look. I also completely love his cd packaging for Horolgium's "The World Is Not Enough"

I'm quite inrigued by Necklush. I think this would look so awesome over a t shirt.

Spoonflower seems interesting. I may have to give it a go.


hellojenuine said...

i've had an account on spoonflower for a few months, but haven't used it! perhaps because perfecting patterns drives me up the wall. i've heard only good things about their service.

Lizzy Stewart said...

interesting... i'm pretty bad at patterns too! I always find myself referring to this as usually just cant work which way I'm meant to put stuff to make it tile properly.

hellojenuine said...

ooh, i am saving that in my tutorial links folder! i've only ever made super easy tiled patterns with instructions i've found online, but this looks interesting. it's be nice to manage something more complex.

Lizzy Stewart said...

i think your acorns would make wonderful fabric pattern!

hellojenuine said...

ooh, i'd love an acorn bedspread! perhaps should make "to have a pattern made by spoonflower" the last of my 23 resolutions.