Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Let's Dance

I handed my dissertation in today (a day early, I should totally get extra points for that) so from here on in I hope to be totally focused on drawing and finishing off the hundreds of projects I have planned before the degree show in June. Above is a picture from the children's book I'm doing at the moment (albeit on and off and very slowly).


hellojenuine said...

well done! i'll bet that's a weight off your shoulders. i think i handed mine in early too, for fear of a huge queue of people trying to get it bound on the day.

ailin said...

wow i really like that illustration!
and good on you!

Luc said...

Beautiful illustration :)

I like your work. I saw your bear at http://www.creaturecomforts.typepad.com/

Schanett said...

wonderful picture!
this will became a great book!

Lizzy Stewart said...

thanks everyone!