Friday, 2 January 2009

Happy New Year!

(photo by ovofrito on flickr)
Hello! I hope everyone had a suitably enjoyable Christmas and New Year. Although, of course, I'm sad about the end of festivities I'm very much looking forward to this year and being done with college in six months! Six months! Yes! I've got plans and lists and deadlines all over the place but it's going to be fun. For sure

SO in the spirit of new year enthusiasm here's some inspiring work to be looking at...

Romy Bluemel is so completely amazing. Her paintings remind me of so many of my favourite artists that its impossible for me not to adore her work. Ah I wish I still did painting...maybe this is the year I start again...maybe.

Andrew Gordon (below) also paints awesome things. I love his layered up neutral colours and the way he draws animals. There's a nice wee interview over at fecal face.

THIS is a lovely project.

Cody Cochrane is great too.

Hopefully I'll have some new work to share with you soon once I've got this darn dissertation out the way (four days!) in the meantime enjoy the last couple of days of the festive break!


Alan said...

Did you come by RobotNine to play the Picture Puzzle? I don't believe so.
I have posted the answers and winner for the current Robot Nine Picture Puzzle. Hope you can come by and play the next one on January 7, 2009. Check it out, and hope you enjoy the site.

courtney reagor said...

we blog about a lot of the same people