Sunday, 19 July 2009

Prints & Plates

Its sunday! Lets look at some awesome stuff!

This rocking horse print from tsk tsk would be so sweet in a child's bedroom. Or indeed mine.

These scandinavian retro inspired melamine plates are a dream (albeit a very domestic one!). There are a tonne of awesome designs to root through on Millamella's etsy store.
Totally incredible illustrator (and Friction contributor) Jon Klassen has does some wonderful stuff for Red Cap Cards. I would send these to everyone I know if I could bear to part with them myself.

also! I forgot to mention that the print I was giving away this week is now in my shop.


Cassiemarie said...

whaaa! it is all so cute! i especially love the little red balloons in that print. :)

Sanne said...

I loove the work of Jon Klassen too!