Thursday, 16 July 2009

We Are The Friction LAUNCH (and pre-order)

For the past seven months Jez and I have been working on the second volume of our collaborative writing/drawing experiment. Like last years 'I am the Friction' the basic premise is that someone writes a story and someone else draws a picture and then they exchange their work and do something new based on what they have recieved. Easy. And this time rather than Jez and I doing all the work we've opened it up to 12 awesome illustrators and 12 awesome writers. And my have they done an amazing job!
Anyhow thats what we've been putting together for the first half of this year and now, at last, its all done and it launches next Thursday! Yay! If you head to Sing Statistics you can check out the list of illustrators (the writers are still a secret) and pre-order your copy (all pre-orders will come with a wee gocco print). Go and have a look. If thats peaks your interest keep your eyes open for pictures and things next week (though there are some teasers here). And if you're in Edinburgh this summer head to Analogue books to see the exhibition.


French Blast said...

Your book looks great!

Lindsay Grime said...

yo, looks fab... you probably already noticed that the pre-order button isn't working though...comes onto a page declaring the e-mail address is invalid?

Lizzy Stewart said...

oh no. we've had quite a few orders though so it must be a recent error...eek. we're trying to fix it now.