Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Shaun O'Dell

The internet is a funny thing. I can, and very often do, spend lots of time trawling blogs for nice things to look at, to be inspired by and, of course, to blog about. There's tonnes of great stuff out there and I'm constantly amazed by how many super creative people are out that that I'm still discovering. Anyhow very occasionally I'll find something that transcends that 'oh thats cool' reaction and really hits you in the gut and makes you want to make things. I guess that is what happened when I found Shaun O'Dell.

There's so much stuff on his site that I'm impressed by. I wish I could see it for real, it seems like work for which scale is important. The 2007 series 'We Remember The Sun' is the kind of work I'd love to make. I don't and probably never will BUT if I could I would. I love the rainbow colours mixed with the inky blacks and greys and blocky, awkward shapes. Equally the contrast between really constrained line, really neat and ordered with those big fat brush strokes. Really nice. Anyway I love it all and thoroughly recommend you have a look. Apologies for the slightly gushing post. Its exciting to find something new I guess.

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