Sunday, 29 November 2009

Illustrated Christmas on Etsy

Christmas shopping time is upon us and I thought now would be a suitable time to endorse some rather splendid etsy shops run by illustrator folk I know, all of whom would be very much deserving of your hard earned cash!

Splendidly festive card by Sophie Elm

Zines by hellojenuine

Handpainted ceramic brooch by Lindsay Grime.

Ace print by Richard Sanderson


Flora said...

I just LOVE Richard Sanderson's print!
So so good and funny. Thanks :)

chamelia said...

I love the Hello Genuine zine inspired by Death Cab. I also love that uber simplistic cover. Want. Want. Want.

hellojenuine said...

thank you! x

Sophie Elm said...

Thank you Lizzy! I hope you're well! x