Sunday, 15 November 2009


After a frankly overwhelming response to my stupid giveaway I'm happy to announce the THREE winners (picked at random using I decided, as so many people entered, to tack on a 2nd and 3rd prize as well which won't be the full prize bundle but a couple of select bits and pieces. Anyway drumroll etc....the winners are.

So 3rd place (number 9) goes to Brookewooley,
2nd (number 73) goes to Rynke
and 1st (number 69) is.... Wolf Eyebrows

If the winners could please email me your postal addresses at lizzy (at) abouttoday (dot) that would be much appreciated and your spoils will be shipped out to you very very soon!
Thanks to everyone else that entered. I was touched by all the lovely things you said. All the items in the giveaway can be purchased in my shop and We Are The Friction (which is due to sell out soooon) is available from Sing Statistics. As you were.


Anonymous said...

Yeay, I'm very happy!! I will e-mail you right now!

Anonymous said...

About Today, you made my day. Thank you!