Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A Word Of Advice

If you are anywhere near London between now and December please please please venture to Primrose Hill to visit 'The Museum of Everything'. I visited last week and it is surely the most exciting and inspiring gallery I have been to in a very long time. A beautiful, awkward and often heartbreaking selection of work by artists working on the outskirts of society is displayed the museum's rabbit warren building (an old dairy) in a way that celebrates rather than exploits the notion of 'outsider art'. The image above is from Nek Chand's collection of figures constructed out of broken ceramics and fabric bears near Chandigarh and below from (my favourite) Alexandre P Lobanov; a deaf mute from Russia whose work features endless portraits of himself as a hero of the Russian Revolution.


Lindsay Grime said...

MMM, looks really good, will definately drop in next time i'm down.

Lizzy Stewart said...

ooh you must. there were a couple of things in that that i thought you'd appreciate. hope the flathunt has proved fruitful!