Monday, 5 July 2010

Where I'm Going and What I Wore

I'm looking forward to heading home on friday for ten days in glorious devonshire with my family. Excited about road trips with my sister and hopefully a few days that look a bit like this.

Had some time to kill whilst waiting for an email today so I thought I'd jump back on the 'what I wore today' bandwagon. I've missed doing these, more to come for sure. I only wish I'd chosen something a bit more exciting to wear today!

Along with the two colour gocco prints I've also added ten hand painted Wolf Dream prints to my Etsy store.


Soofiya said...

Love the drawing, and the yellow bag. Yellow bag=pretty cool! =)

Sadegh Mollaie said...

I really don't know how to say how much I like your works !!!
Thank you so much !! ^.^