Thursday, 1 July 2010

Yellow & Blue

Super bold and bright work by Chilean Illustrator Cristóbal Schmal who lives in Berlin. This tiger chap is all kinds of cute. Via Pitch.
If money was on my side I'd be quite tempted to invest in this waterproof coat from Aubin & Wills. A breton top and a pair of converse and you'd be set!

Found a small pile of the house-hat bear prints today. Thought i'd run out. Only a few left so if you fancy a bear with a fondness for architectural milinary you better head to my etsy.


Kate said...

ah man, that coat is perfection.

but can we talk about how the mannequin it's on has creepy skeleton hands? haha!

Lizzy Stewart said...

aaargh jesus! so it does. now the coat leaves me feeling confused.

Indie.Tea said...

The jacket is very cute :) I didn't notice the skeleton hands, but those are a bit weird.