Monday, 9 May 2011

Bologna & Florence

 So last week we ran off to Italy for a few days in the sun (a birthday present to Jez from me) and it was rather glorious. The weather was a dream (not impossibly hot for pale folk such as myself) and the food was, as it tends to be in italy, fantastic. We drank too much coffee, wandered about a lot and did our best to speak italian as often as possible (with varying results). Bologna was great and the perfect antidote to the bustling tourism of Florence. We particularly enjoyed the portico-ed streets, stumbling across the hidden canal and having a quiet sit down in the sun in the beautiful cloisters at Santa Croce (Florence). It all feels like a bit of a dream now that we're back in rainy Scotland.

  Massive thanks to the wonderful Giulia Sagramola for her top Bologna tips!

(check out Jez's photos on flickr- they're dead nice!)

(P.S there'll be a bologna sketchbook post and zine coming very soon. I just gotta get scannin')


Francesc Cornadó said...

Después de la República del Deseo, esta ciudad es la mejor del mundo, con su imposible océano, su primavera de arco iris, el recuerdo de los pasos de Simonetta Vespucci sobre los pavimentos de la Galleria y sus lechuzas que vuelan desde las hornacinas de la plaza de la Signoria hasta el convento de los franciscanitos de Fiésole.
Francesc Cornadó

victor fox said...

Hi Lizzy,
I came from, what i wore today. I just love your work... its gorgeous. mmm italy you lucky thing... im stuck in the wintery weather here in Australia.
Im so glad I came across your work... Its great.
All the best.