Monday, 2 May 2011


Jez and I are off to the Italian city of Bologna tomorrow night for a few days holiday! I'm dangerously excited and very much looking forward to some italian culinary treats and a bit of culture! Have you been? Any recommendations? Where should we go and what should we see? Most importantly where does the best coffee?

If you're in need of blog based joy in the meantime I heartily suggest you visit one of these.....

Miss Moss- My current favourite I think, Diana has a great eye for colour and detail. She makes a mean (downloadable) mixtape too! 

Evgenia Barinova- Evgenia is an incredibly talented illustrator and her blog is a lovely way to get to know her work!

Rose Blake- another illustrative crush, Rose's work is...well...its really flipping good.


naa said...

I've visited Bologna last month but only for a day to see exhibition of Ana Ventura and Camilla Engman so I actually can't give you many advices. And I don't drink coffee so I can't help you with that either.
But I wish you a lovely time! r ;)
Em... sorry for not being more helpful.

Daria Hlazatova said...

have a great trip! i'd love to go to Italy one day. Thank you for blog suggestions - great ones!

Anne said...

Never been there so no recommendations, but hope you'll have a great trip! Enjoy!!

M. said...

Hi Lizzy — I just went to Bologna for the first time (last month for the Book Fair), and I just LOVED it! It's wonderful, walkable and stunning to look at... arcades everywhere, and everything in warm red tones. Anyway, my recommendations:

*MUSEO MORANDI — off the Piazza Maggiore
*STEFINO'S gelato — on via Galliera (around via San Giuseppe)... the best ice cream EVER!

*SANTO STEFANO — really beautiful basilica

*DA GIANNI on via Clavature 18 ... also near Piazza Maggiore. A very popular restaurant, bit of a local institution, lots of regional specialties.

There is a wonderful street market on via Pescherie which also includes fabulous delicatessens with savoury things, prosciuttos, cheeses. Also local specialties and chocolates. Near Piazza Maggiore (again!)

Finally, I put a few photos on my flickr, here:
Buon viaggio!

andrea said...

I'm going there in two weeks! please report when you get back!

presley said...

awww have fun!! x

Lindsay Grime said...

Aaaah! I'm jealous - I went to Bologna when I was on exchange in Strasbourg, and had the best week of the three months I was away for. The book festival was on when I went so we spent a while there...mmm, something you should do if you're not petrified of heights is climb up the Torre Asinelli - it's a slightly leaning medieval tower which gives you an amazing view - probably the view in that picture... although it is terrifyingly rickety inside. I also went into the cool library in the main square, to a monastery with gaudy catholic bling in abundance, and an old palazzo, but i can't remember their names. Anyway, I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time just wandering and soaking it all up!

Lindsay Grime said...

Oh, also, you should check out MAMbo, the modern art gallery, it was ace!

David Gonzalez said...

go eat at Trattoria del Rosso for lunch, thats one place I remember very fondly, it's on Via Augusto Righi. Just be aware of the siesta time, it kind of turns into a ghost town for most of the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

I was in Bologna last year for two short days and my partner and I loved it so much we are returning for another few days while travelling back from Croatia.
-You have to climb up the Asinelli Towers for some amazing views.
-The walk along the 666 long portico to Sanctuary Madonna di San Luca is lovely too - take a picnic for lunch at the top.
-Via drapperie is an amazing street filled with an array of food deli's etc
- Another great gelarteria is Il Gelatauro ( San Vitale, 98/b. It serves really amazing flavours (like spiced pumpkin) as well as ice-cream sandwiches made with what is similar to brioche.


p.strange said...

I've found through Grossomodo.
How beautiful everything!

amy said...

Here I sit. Reading this post. Envious of your travels and your forever sweet spirit!

I love traveling and exploring the cuisine and tastes of the place I visit. How nice it would be to share travels with a friend.

Stay lovely, now following x

hope to hear from you*
love amy ^.^

Lauren said...

Thank you for reminding me about the Miss Moss blog - such a lovely collection of images. Hope you both enjoy the holiday :)

Junaluska said...

Thanks for the links! I always like to find new blogs.

Nekocherry said...

I am in Bologna too, if you're still there, contact me we could go to have some nice tortellini together :)