Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Drawing Sale

Clearout time once again! This time I'm selling off a handful of b&w pencil drawings including the original Lion drawing from 'the Lion's Laugh'. As per usual if you are interested in buying a drawing then send me an email ( lizzy (at) abouttoday.co.uk) and let me know where you are so that I can calculate postage. Oh and I can only accept payment via paypal I'm afraid.

 Otter- Pencil on mountboard- £15 + p&p

Redhead- Pencil on paper- SOLD

House-sitter - Pencil on paper- SOLD

 Walking Bear- Pencil on Paper- £12 + p&p

Lion- Pencil on paper- £20 + p&p 


rui vitorino santos said...

i missed again :-(
my favorite is sold again,
maybe next time :-)

Wild Triangle said...

wow, these are so lovely!

Lydia Monks said...


I want one of your lovely ladies...!

Sarah McNeil said...

You should sell your drawings for a lot more than you do, they look like you have put a lot of effort into them.

Lizzy Stewart said...

i should but these just need a new home and are fragments of bigger things. drawings that are complete pieces are sold full price but i need to clearout regularly in order to make way for new things! I live among piles of paper!

Helena Perez Garcia said...

These are lovely! I specially like the lion, the finished illustration is simply amazing!