Friday, 20 May 2011

Loop Arts Fair 2011

Mr Jez Burrows and I are taking part in the Loop Arts Fair in Leeds this June. The event sees a healthy array of design and illustration types congregating in the fine city of Leeds for a weekend of open studios and talks and so forth. I will be doing a talk (gulp) at 3pm on Friday 17th as well as exhibiting over the weekend with Jez in a kind of working studio type set up. We'll also be bringing along a new Sing Statistics publication, which is pretty exciting and long overdue! If you're in Leeds, nay if you're in the North of England please please please come along and show your support for the event. Its rare that this kind of event takes place outside of London so if this is the kind of thing you're interested please come and help show that the North is as exciting creatively as the South!

(Major points go to Mr Jay Cover for putting this together.)

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