Monday, 21 July 2008

The Dirt & The Roots

I finally got round to watching 'The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford' last night having had it sat on my side for at least a month. Firstly I am sad that I never made it to the cinema to see it and second I am feeling guilty that a friend of mine (Will from the wonderful Picture Books In Winter) had been on at me for ages to watch it and I ignored him (because I sort of enjoy disagree with him. On everything) Anyway it was completely enthralling and the cinematography was astounding. Every shot was flawless and full of hazy nostalgia and quiet foreboding and the rural Missouri backdrop was a perfect mix of inviting and bleak. Of course every performance was as impeccable as can be expected of such a great cast. Hmm yes. Definitely worth a watch. (I am not a film reviewer. This is plain to see.)

I did a drawing for a poster today. Its a house. Its always a house. I need to expand my repetoire.

I love the work of James P Morse.
You can now buy I Am The Friction from Analogue Books. I cant wait to get back to Edinburgh and see our silly little book on their shelves!


Anonymous said...

I think your little house drawings are deadly cute! But I know what you mean about expanding one's repertoire... it's easy to be fixated by one or two things.

Cool blog too, by the way :)

Cassiemarie said...

There is nothing wrong with houses. :)
Love your drawings.