Sunday, 6 July 2008

Stripes on Sunday

I got me some Stuart Kolakovic badges! These are made of solid gold awesome. Fact. Also a(nother) striped top inspired by the recent travelling shirt project by the Vintage Society.

As promised here are some truly awful photos of my two double spreads in Anorak Magazine
(the happy mag for kids!). I managed to travel five hundred miles across the country and left my camera cable in edinburgh. So its slightly skewed photobooth photos till I go back in August to fetch it.


jenuine said...

congrats again on anorak, they look brilliant!

Amy said...

Oh this is glorious! I would love to be able to read it -- perhaps a good quality scan one day? :)

cathy said...

Thank you for your post and the illustrations, looks lovely.


fine little day said...

Looks good!