Friday, 25 July 2008

Sawdust & Diamonds

Lets get some tasty illustration up in here...

Drew Beckmeyer
can paint. I've always been quite taken with his work but this poster for a show with Devotchka and Basia Bulat (who are both great by the way) is really lovely. More posters should be painted I think. Also cupcakes should be this huge.
I used to lust after Mathilde Aubier's artwork on deviantart many many years ago. She has some super collage skills and a really nice palette of colours at her disposal.

Finally one of my favourite blogs Fine Little Day featured a link to some really inspiring American folkart from the early 1900s. Loads of strange and intriguing characters, really amazing patterns and some colour combinations that I'm definitely going to be plundering for future work.


(today I am listening to Joanna Newsom)

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