Saturday, 5 July 2008


Since I've been home I've been a bit quiet on the blog front. Oops. So to resume proceedings...a lovely bowl!

I'm a bit housewares mental at the moment and I love these bowls at Rare Device
(its not just the bowls. I love everything in that store!)

This is easily the most lomo-like lomo photo I've ever taken. More on my flickr.

FINALLY check out BIFFblog (short for the lame yet strangely appropriate Best Illustration Friends Forever). Which is the brand new blog for the (almost) fourth year illustration gang. As yet its pretty sparce but soon it shall be awash with illustrative treats from all 17 of us as well as photos, anecdotes and general chats courtesy of the coolest kids in college (ok. maybe we're not the coolest. sculpture is pretty cool. we're kind of awkward.)

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