Sunday, 13 July 2008


I love a good gig poster and there are some great ones over on FloraFaunas profile on I especially love this one for Fleet Foxes and of course the AMAZING bear on the Midlake poster. Nice work.


jenuine said...

are fleet foxes quite popular now? i noticed they're playing soon, & have heard a couple of people mention them. which is nice as i remember them from before they had their current name, a girl who's journal i used to read goes/went out with one of them.

Lizzy Stewart said...

i think they might be. they played glasgow not long ago (i was sad to miss it) so maybe i'll catch them if they're playing again soon. i just recently learned that a couple of them used to be in the crystal skulls, who were ace but completely different from fleet foxes. funny indie folk.
ALSO! thankyou for ordering a book. I hope you like it. x

jenuine said...

ah, that was perhaps the gig i'd read of. i heard of them first when they were the pineapples i think, & they were possibly a duo then too.
no problem! i look forward to it, good luck with them, although i imagine you'll have no problem shifting them.