Saturday, 19 July 2008

True Affection

These little polar bears were made by Tamar Mogendorff, I love them so much I don't know what to do with myself. All I can do is sit here and fawn over the photos. Bears!

I used to wear t shirts all the time. I had quite a line in threadless, kill rock stars and decemberists shirts but then I sort of gave up on them a bit. Fail. I feel that now the hour may be upon me to restore my faith in the humble tee. Look! Its got a tiger on it! Amazing (mainly as it reminds me from the grinning tiger in 'The Tiger That Came To Tea'. Anyway its great and you can get one from Gama-Go.

Crotcheted lamp. I love lamp! from Roost at Velocity.


mieke willems said...

hi, those bears are really cute!!! nice to find your blog!

Amy said...

Ack, how cute is that shirt??