Sunday, 2 November 2008

After School Club (its a long one)

OK So I figure its about time I did a real post on the thing thats been eating up a fair chunk of my time recently. For my dissertation (aaargh final year etc etc) I'm organising an event affectionally deemed 'After School Club' which is taking place next saturday (november 8th) here in the fine city of Edinburgh. The idea is that a fairly exciting bunch of young designers and illustrators will chat about their work and their experiences since graduating from uni/college and us young, impressionable student types will take it all in and hopefully learn something and feel a little bit better equipped for professional life. If I'm honest its sort of a response to frustrations with my own course and things I have heard other people complain about (and also a chance to meet some people whose work i really admire).
Anyhow its next saturday at the GRV in Edinburgh and I urge anyone withing train ride distance of edinburgh (and of course anyone further afield with a complete disregard for money but an admirable commitment to design) to come as I really think it could be quite fun. Really. Just to hammer home how ace this could potentially be here's a wee rundown of who is involved.

Jez Burrows is absolutely my favourite graphic designer (not only because he's my man but also because his work is so tasty and completely and utterly him) and he lives and works in Edinburgh having graduated from Brighton Uni this summer. He has worked for many admirable people including the New York Times, Time Magazine and Bad Idea magazine. He is also my cohort in Sing Statistics.

The Nous Vous collective are a design supergroup from Leeds who have turned their hand at pretty much everything including illustration, graphic design, art direction, animation, installation and film making. They've got skills.

Alex Ostrowski graduated from UWE this summer and is now racing through every design studio in London leaving awesome work in his wake. I am totally enamoured with one of his final Uni projects Note To Self and quite frankly I wish I'd done it first.

Plats are a merry band of illustrators and photographers who have done all sorts of magical things. Emily and Sophia who founded the collective are coming along to show off their lovely illustration work and chat about the ins and outs of being in a totally cool gang.

FINALLY you are all probably aware of my awe over the work of mr Stuart Kolakovic. Not only does he totally own anything eastern european when it comes to illustration but he also has a fairly nice grasp of lovely colours and lettering. He also (apparently) only eats sweets.

SO thats it. Twenty points if you actually managed to read all that and an added thirty points if you actually come. Please come!

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